Is Your Workplace Flourishing?

Does your organisation have a well-being strategy aimed at creating flourishing staff? Do your leaders understand the latest research that supports a return on investment in creating flourishing employees? How can your workplace help reach the target of 51% of the world’s population flourishing by 2051 – as articulated by the Founding Father of Positive Psychology, Professor Martin Seligman?



Why Positive Psychology@Work?

“Positive institutions”, “virtuous organisations”, “abundant organisations” – all terms being increasingly used to describe an organisation that is “positively deviant”! That is an organisation that deviates from the norm in a positive way! Whilst organisations like Google and Zappos are definitely leading the way, there is increasing interest within organisations, large and small globally, as to how they can harness the power of positivity to create wealth and well-being for all stakeholders – internally and externally!

The Positivity Institute aims to bring the science of Positive Psychology to life, particularly at work – where we spend nearly a third of our waking hours! We create bespoke solutions – big or small – that will allow members of your organisation to flourish and to increase your overall organisational peak performance! We are passionate about providing a return on investment, and work with organisations like The Voice Project ( who offer scientifically reliable and valid measurement of organisational change. We also have connections to a number of universities who we partner with to conduct scientific research.



How We Help?


In addition to traditional Executive Coaching services which we specialise in, we offer Positive Psychology Coaching packages – aimed at all levels of an organisation. 

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Keynote presentations

Dr Suzy Green, Founder of pi is a sought after keynote speaker on the Science of Positivity.

Classes and courses

Pi offers a suite of classes and courses aimed at creating flourishing workplaces: 


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Pi Clients

We are proud of the work we deliver for our clients and the value we add to their organisations in helping them achieve their goals.


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