Is Your School Flourishing? 

Does your school have a scientifically based well-being or pastoral care program? How much does your school focus on welfare in comparison to creating a proactive well-being strategy? Are your students and staff flourishing? How can your school help reach the target of 51% of the world’s population flourishing by 2051 – as articulated by the Founding Father of Positive Psychology, Professor Martin Seligman?


Why Positive Psychology in Schools?

Whilst historically, schools may have aimed for academic excellence as sole evidence for their success, there are growing numbers of schools who are now acknowledging the need to develop students in a more holistic way – with a stronger focus on well-being, Much of this is in recognition of the increasing statistics on psychological distress and mental illness in our children and adolescents, and the realisation of the need to take a more proactive, rather than reactive approach to mental health.

The Positivity Institute is a leader in Positive Education in Australia and globally. To learn more about our approach, you can read Dr Suzy Green's recent chapter on "Positive Education in Australia" in the "Handbook of Positive Psychology in Schools, 2nd Edition".

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How We Help?

Positive education programs

We are able to work with you and your team to co-create and implement small, medium or large Positive Education Programs. 

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Staff positive education training

We offer one or three day training programs aimed at increasing the knowledge and skills of staff in applied positive psychology and evidence-based coaching. 

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Keynote presentations

We offer inspirational and educational keynotes provided by Dr Suzy Green, a world-leader in Positive Education, or other highly experienced Pi Associates. 

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We partner with universities across Australia to assist you to scientifically evaluate Positive Education Programs. 

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Pi Education

Pi consults to, and collaborates with, a variety of schools (independent and public) keen to create flourishing students, staff and whole school communities.


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