PI Life Services helps individuals flourish. Our positive approach creates meaningful, transformational and sustainable change for enhanced well-being. We utilise practical tools and techniques for transformation, based on scientifically proven strategies.


How long has it been since you really took time to reflect on your life, your dreams and your legacy? Do you have a sense of direction? Do you lead a meaningful life? Are you flourishing? Take a free flourishing assessment here. The Positivity Institute strongly believes in taking time out to reflect on these questions and proactively seeking support to move towards positive change.

So we created PI Life to help you create a flourishing life. We do that by offering three key PI-Life services:

Positive Psychology Virtual Coaching Packages

Our Positive Psychology Virtual Coaching Packages are here to support you to create a flourishing life! We have 3 and 4 session packages and also offer you the opportunity for a one-off session (which includes a scientific assessment of your well-being). We also have a $99 kick-start to coaching pack for those that just want to dip their big toes in the water!

All PI-Coaches hold post-graduate degrees and are highly experienced in the science of Coaching Psychology and Positive Psychology. You can choose to focus in on your well-being, resilience or achievement or all three! Our coaching packages are based on scientifically validated techniques and strategies to help you: identify your core life values and character strengths; set and strive for personally meaningful goals; monitor your progress; stay challenged, focused and committed to becoming your Best Possible Self.

These packages are great for individuals keen to improve their well-being and also make great gifts or are a fabulous addition to an organisation’s well-being menu of services for staff!

Flourishing Retreats

Our Flourishing Retreats are run in conjunction with our collaborative partner, Dr. William DeJean. They currently run twice a year in Sydney and once in Melbourne. They run for a half day and are capped at 25 participants.

The Flourishing Retreats allow Suzy and her team to connect with the PI Community to spread the ripple effect of well-being. We also aim to bring people together who want to create flourishing lives in a supportive environment. The retreat offers you an opportunity to step back, reflect and determine what matters most in your life and create a vision of what the future might hold. Unlike a “training session,” the retreat allows you to look inward to find your own wisdom. Suzy and William co-facilitiate the session and both bring their unique and diverse experiences to the retreat.

The retreats are great for individuals keen to enhance their self-awareness and improve their well-being. They also make great gifts or are a fabulous addition to an organisation’s well-being menu of services for staff. We hope to see you at one soon!

For more information download our PI-Life Services guide below or go to the PI Shop where you can secure your place now! If you have questions, email us.

The Positivity Prescription

Dr Suzy Green’s “The Positivity Prescription” will help you to flourish. Suzy created a 6-week program based on the science of Positive Psychology that will allow you to create meaningful, transformational and sustainable change and depression-proof yourself for life! The program consists of 6 core modules + an introduction and conclusion. COMING SOON!


We don’t provide therapy or counseling (see our FAQs) but proactive coaching and retreats to help you create a flourishing life. Whilst we firmly believe there is a need for these interventions which mostly assist you to deal with issues from your past that are impacting on your present or future, and we’re happy to help connect you to the services you need, we’re focused on creating a flourishing future for you!


Download a PI Services guide for more information.

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