Are you your “Best Possible Self?”

How long is it since you really took time to reflect on your life, your dreams and your legacy? Do you have a sense of direction? Do you lead a meaningful life? Are you flourishing? Take a free assessment here

The Positivity Institute strongly believes taking time out to reflect on these questions and move toward action with a professional psychologist or coach can assist you to create the life you desire.



Couch or Coach?

Couching (therapy/counselling)


Generally speaking, if there’s “stuff” from your past that keeps intruding on your present or future, then therapy is most likely your best approach. You may find that investing in some good therapy is the best investment you’ve ever made! 

Psychotherapy in the 21st Century doesn’t necessarily mean lying on a couch for years on end. It can be as brief as a three session engagement with a knowledgeable and inspirational professional. Enabling you to find the solutions you seek. And the life you desire! 

Note: All therapists in our referral network utilise evidence-based interventions for sustained behaviour change.


On the other hand, coaching is more future focused and aims to help you develop inspirational goals for the longer term – with shorter term goals and action steps created to help you move towards this desired end state! People seek coaching for all sorts of reasons, although most can be subsumed under the general desire to be healthier and happier! All our coaches are trained in evidence-based coaching techniques and are members of the International Society for Coaching Psychology.


How We Help?


On the couch? Pi has an extensive network of registered psychologists throughout Australia, whom we highly recommend.

We recommend the following Pi partners (click on the logo to be taken to their website)...


To find a psychologist in your area – please use the link below to the APS Find a Psychologist website.


Pi Partners

Pi loves to connect with like-minded people and organisations who are pioneers and leaders in their field.


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